Welcome to the San Diego Section ARRL web site. The purpose of this site is to make available the services the ARRL has to offer to the local amateur community. The ARRL is here to serve you, the amateur radio operator and those wanting to become hams. Please feel free to contact  anyone on the Section Staff. You can opt to receive emails from the Southwestern Division and the Section Manager on your ARRL member profile.

There are many amateur radio clubs located through out the section which meet regularly and can offer a wide variety of activities for you to participate in. Please consider joining one ( or more) of the organizations and become involved. There are clubs tailored to special interests as well as general aspects of the hobby.

If you already hold an amateur radio license and live in the section, we would like you to become a member of the ARRL. There are many areas in which you can participate, and remember every one listed is a volunteer dedicated to amateur radio and the ARRL.

Please use this resource to its fullest. It is a new site and will be evolving to meet the needs of the community, so please let us know what else you would like to see. If you have anything you would like to be added to the calendar, let me know

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  1. Gary Shilling says:

    I have a complete set of old Drake equipment. which I want to place with someone who wants it. Please advise.

    Gary Shilling
    858 735 5905

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